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English: Six-Word Memoir book cover image

English: Six-Word Memoir book cover image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey I’ve tried a couple of times and so far have failed to ignite my readers to just think about things; like life, love, kids, work, places, people, death, relationships and to put it down in just six words.  You know what I always say, “Just Six Words, No More, No Less”.

I thought of a few today so I’ll post mine and see what comes forth!!!

1.  I thought this week was over:(

2. Full moon, frost, flock of robins!

3. A new beginning began today. YES!

4. Renewed in spirit, refreshed in hope.

5. Craks, dots, Damn! I need Bams.

As you can see there is no real thread or theme here.  Just emote.

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Ever wonder where some of the phrases we use in our everyday language?  I do and in this blog I have often featured phrases that once were common and now are obscure to generation X and Y.  Sometimes a phrase fades away because it’s no longer applicable or contains words that have dropped out of usage.

PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS has come to mean let it all go, or let it all out, or put the force of 100% effort into something.  This past Friday, Peter and I took our granddaughter, Finley, to the Morris Museum in Morristown, NJ.  We really wanted to see their collection of antique music machines and automata.  It is an amazing collection with gorgeous elaborate music boxes of every evolution and Living Dolls and Mechanical Musical Instruments ever since we saw the movie, HUGO.

Now you are wondering what does all that have to do with this blog post?  The early Music Machines operated on a bellows system.  The docent demonstrated several of the mechanical musical machines.  There was  large wooden instrument that worked with bellows and you could adjust the volume  by pulling out a row of stoppers

And there you have it -all the sound was let out, by pulling out all the stoppers!

Antique music box with brass cylinder

French Automaton - Lady Knitting

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Love & Heartbreak Cover

Six Word Memoirs

As the title of the Six Word Memoir book states, this week was not quite what I was planning. I didn’t receive any contributions from the readership, soooo rather than try to write several Six Word Memoirs all by myself, I’m just going to let the book do it for me and for you.  BUT how about everybody just think about a Six Word Memoir to send in.  Maybe we need a theme;  Spring will have sprung, we may get snow this week in the Northeast or anything you want to write about will gratefully accepted and certainly appreciated.

Now I blog and drink winePeter Bartlett

Egomaniac with inferiority complex defies oddsLynne Vittorio

I thought I was someone else Tysa Goodrich

Dancing for now, one day farming – Eleanor Carpenter

Amazing grace: born naked, clothed others – Mark Budman

Followed rules, not dreams. Never again – Margaret Hellerstein

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Opening logo to the Star Wars films

The Movie - Not the Reagan Defense System

People speak in six word sentences – Mmmm there’s concept.  Certainly not me, and not Peter who I accuse of the longest rambling sentences in the world!  However, last week, I quoted an article that appeared in The New Yorker magazine in 2008, SAY IT ALL IN SIX WORDS, in which the author of the article purposely  used several six word sentences.  Maybe six word sentences  are the answer; our life in bullet points!

Twitter says to say it 140 characters, texting requires clever abbreviations to convey  messages without using whole words and there are more and more places where brevity is king.  And then of course, we also had a President who spoke in six word sentences because that was all he could manage without misusing or mispronouncing a word!  (I couldn’t resist).

This week I’ve uncovered another great source of six word sentences – quotes actually from movies!  Here are a few and I would love it if my readers could think of some more and send them in.

“May the force be with you” Star Wars

“English, motherfucker, do you speak it”? – Pulp Fiction

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner” – Dirty Dancing

“I’m the king of the world” – Titanic

And now to this week’s submissions from some of my readers:

Sun lamps/tanning bed more validity – Susan in the Grove

Life sucks – I demand a refund – Spinnyliberal

Last boss nuttier than Charlie SheenWeez

Been meaning to buy that book – Anne-Marie

Weekend with Finley, heaven can wait – Me

And from The Book as I like to refer to Not Quite What I Was Planning Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure:

Not pretty enough so now unemployed Stacey Smith


Mistakes were made, but smarter now – Christine Triano

Likes everything too much to choose – Rachel Lindenthal

Curly haired sad kid chose fun – Stacy Abramson

Ok the challenge is out there, the ball’s in your court…Send me some Six Word Movie Quotes OR your own Six Word Memoir next week.


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