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IT”s BAaaack! The miracle magic make-up of the 80’s.  I actually thought it came out in the 70’s but I can’t seem to find the correct answer.  Indian Earth and I go way back, I mean waaaaay back.  As I said I don’t really remember the exact year, but when it did hit the market, all my friends and I bought it and were using it.

The premise of Indian Earth is that it is a natural product, I don’t know if that means it’s ground up dirt or clay although the company claims it is made up of minerals.  And the other amazing attribute is that this ONE color works on all complexions!  It may be true, however, you do have to be prudent in using it.  I remember some fair-skinned friends who looked a little ruddy bordering on orange some days!!

About a month ago, I was leafing through some magazine and there it was…An ad for Indian Earth claiming it was the original.  I couldn’t believe it.  I mean really???  It looked just like it did, decades ago;  A small clay bottle with a wide mouth and its stopper is a big fat round cork.  The original Indian Earth came with a puff that looked like lambskin.  I know because I had it AND yes I still have it!! Oh yeah, well not the puff, at some point I must have thrown it out.  But I never threw out the cute little clay pot.  I don’t know why, I just kept it.

I ‘m SO GLAD I still have my very own original Indian Earth.  Ever since I saw the ad, I’ve been using it every day.  I rarely wear foundation make-up, usually just a tinted moisturizer and now I finish off  using a large make-up brush on the bottom of the cork.  Of course you need to shake up your clay pot first.

So not only can everyone use it to get the look of a sun-kissed face, there’s more!  Indian Earth can be mixed with a little water to make eyeshadow, lip liner, lipstick, even nail color.  This is getting a tan without the harmful UV rays.  Sounds like a miracle magical make-up doesn’t it?


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Perhaps not the most scintillating topic in my blog posts but somehow this morning, the day before the big night (some say biggest night of the year), this seemed appropriate.  After all, even me, with my short and uneven nails will be wearing nail polish.   In fact as soon as I bang out this post, I’m off to treat myself to a New Year‘s mani-pedi.  Wish my little granddaughter Finley was in town, I’d take her with me.  She loves getting a mani-pedi and she’s only 3.  However, let me get on record here, I may be an indulgent over-giving grandmother, but it was not I who introduced her to the world of nail salons.  She actually has her favorite – I tried to take her once to one across the street from me and she wailed on about “her” salon down the street; OMG

Well anyway, if you have been reading up on the latest nail color trends then you know that dark is still quite in! Ever since Channel introduced their black nail polish, the industry has developed some pretty wild colors and the names to go with them.

See if you can picture these colors from their names and descriptions.  Hint- they’re all dark to varying degrees.

  1. Pretty Edgy – Palmetto green
  2. Power Clutch – Deep gray green
  3. Bobbing for Baubles-Deep rich sapphire
  4. Cocktail Bling-Pale pearly gray
  5. School of Hard Rocks-Midnight malachite
  6. Chin Chilly-Granite gray
  7. Smokin’ Hot-Stone cold fox gray
  8. Velvet Voyage-Chocolate Amethyst
  9. Little Brown Dress-Black coffee
  10. Dive Bar- Mysterious blackest blue with a shimmer

These colors are all from the Essie collection

Essie nail polish                               Essie nail polish, mani pedi

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