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Reczniki papierowe

Paper Towels – I Love Them!

Really, I mean really!  I am now officially joining the thousands of people in the Mid-Atlantic and New England states who complain about the weather on a daily basis!  There is no where you go that someone doesn’t say something about the ever-lasting, mother-loving winter.  Where oh where is Spring?  We had two days of hot weather, too hot for April of course and now we are back to weather 10 degrees above freezing!

The calendar says it’s April and for me that has always meant it was time to shut down the furnace, take down the heavy drapes in the bedroom and hang the light weight cotton drapes.  I switch the area rug in the foyer, switch the covers on the toss pillows and put a chenille bedspread on the bed.  Switching the closets around with the seasonal clothing is next and oh God, how I hate that job!  All of the above (except the closets) has been done in the apartment, oh and the windows have to be professionally washed.

However, I’m writing this while I’m sitting in the cottage where the heat has been on since last night when we arrived!  Not only did we sleep with the blanket and the coverlet on, we also threw a quilt over us, (and I thought I was going to turn off the furnace!) That and a warm-bodied cat kept us cosy all night.  So even though it’s cold inside and out, this weekend was designated for Spring cleaning and I was determined to get some  deep cleaning done.  

I started this morning before breakfast and in my own frenetic way I was cleaning the bathroom and the stove top and shaking out rugs all at the same time!  I imagine that an observer would think I was haphazardly jumping from task to task but I know what I’m doing and as I circulate, I finish up what I started.  I took a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Simple Green and a bottle of Awesome and proceeded to wash and wipe everything on the kitchen counter and then every blessed thing in the living room.  Anyone who knows us, knows that, that’s a lot of blessed things!

I had help!  Yes, I coerced my husband into helping me mainly because I really wanted to get behind all the furniture and vacuum the baseboards.  This meant moving some heavy pieces as well as picking up more things off the floor to get behind and under them.  Cobwebs!  I found cobwebs!

The bedrooms got vacuumed and tomorrow morning I’ll finish dusting and wiping down things up there especially the guest room as we have a house guest coming.  When Murray arrives tomorrow I promised to make him matzo bri and then I imagine he will head to the beach with his camera.  I love having a guest who amuses himself because since the weatherman promised warm weather for tomorrow, we are planning to do some yard work.  Time to unwrap the patio furniture, rake the sand out of the lawn and I still have to clip some dead heads off one of my hydrangea bushes.  

I really don’t mind cleaning and thankfully when it’s done, I get great pleasure out of looking at the results!  Poor Peter, I must have told him 10 times tonight how clean I thought the living room felt!  I’m looking forward to being thrilled when I clean out the refrigerator and wash the windows inside and out!

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I’ve been checking my blog stats and have noticed a really strong uptick in the number of people visiting the blog that are looking at a previous blog post about Easter Hats.  In New York City, every Easter Sunday the Easter Parade takes place on Fifth Avenue and hundreds and hundreds of people come out to walk (parade) along the Avenue.

It is a day of colorful, creative, beautiful, outrageous, big, small, funny and fabulous hats. chapeaus, bonnets, derbies, top hats and straw hats!  I make my own creations, sometimes re-cycle them with new flowers and ribbons.  You have no ideas how difficult it is to store these broad-brimmed hats in an apartment!!

As Easter is literally around the corner and if you’re going to make your own Easter bonnet, the time would be NOW!  So here are some inspirational creations for you look at and if you’re successful, you’ll be all set for a Kentucky Derby Day party.

Lavender Lady

Lavender Lady

Red Roses

Red Roses

Sun Flower Sue

Sun Flower Sue

Black & Cream Dream

Black & Cream Dream

Pink on Pink on...

Pink on Pink on…

Dramatic Plume

Dramatic Plume

Aren’t these stunning? Hats can be so flattering. For more Easter Hat photos click on the link below.


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Cocktail Glass (Martini): The traditional cock...

Last Night’s Martini Glass

Walking into the living room, she was assaulted with the visual cacophony of his clothes, his mail, his magazines, his shoes, jacket and tie and last night’s martini glass!  How many times had she asked him to put his stuff away? A hundred, a thousand? Nagging and yelling didn’t work.  Threatening to toss the stuff out fell on deaf ears. 

She began to pick up various articles of clothing, grimacing at this relentless never-ending chore.  If only he would just clean up after himself, if only I didn’t give a shit the way he obviously doesn’t! Ridiculous! It’s enough already!

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What’s your favorite color?  I asked this of a friend of mine (you all know her) and she answered, “plaid”!!

Wow, plaid!! And look what’s hot this winter – PLAID, big time! No longer relegated to flannel pajamas or a man’s shirt or a school uniform, plaid is showing up in everything from bags, to shoes to jackets to bow ties.

J Crew. plaid capri

J. Crew Capri Pants

Drakes of London-Available at Barney's New York

Smythe's elbow patch blazer

Available at Bergdorf Goodman's New York

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony (store)


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This past Thursday would have been Emily Post‘s 139th birthday!  In honor of the occasion, the website, Mental Floss posted 10 tips and admonitions from that great arbiter of appropriate behavior.  These 10 items are interesting although probably more suitable to life in the mid-1960’s!

      1. On Eating Corn on the Cob: “To attach the corn on the cob with as little ferocity as possible is perhaps the only direction to be given, and the only maxim to bear in mind when eating this pleasant-to-taste but not-very-manageable vegetable is to eat it as neatly as possible.  The real thing to avoid is too much buttering and greedy eating.
      2. On Proper Attire for Dates: ” It’s always better to be under-than over-dressed.  Should your date be dressed for bowling and you are in a cocktail dress, excuse yourself for 10 minutes-no more-and change into something more casual.
      3. On the Behavior of an Engaged Couple:  It’s unnecessary to state that an engaged man show no marked interest in other women.
      4. On Greeting Guests Before A Wedding:  It is proper to smile and bow slightly to people you know, and even to speak briefly and quietly to a friend if they are sitting next to you.  However, if among strangers, you should just sit quietly till the procession starts.
      5. On Refusing to Dance: Refusing to dance with one man and then immediately dancing with another is an open affront to the first one – excusable only if he was intoxicated or so offensive that the affront was justifiable.
      6. On Dressing for an Audience with the PopeThe rules of dress for visitors to the Pope are not so strict as they once were.  But even now for a private or special audience, men usually wear traditional evening dress with tails or sack coat and women long-sleeved black dresses with a veil over their hair.  No one may wear more than the most functional jewelry.
      7. On Women Dining Together:  When several women dine together, the problem of the check is one that can concern to and confusion among the waiters, the nearby diners and the women themselves.  Women are so seldom able to separate the check into several parts with grace and speed that the cartoon of feminine heads clustered around the waiter’s tab, captioned, “Now Ethel, you had the tomato surprise.”, is all familiar to us.
      8. On Refusing Wine: If you do wish wine, it is best because it is the least conspicuous to allow a little wine to be poured into your glass. Unless your host happens to be looking at your glass when the wine is poured, he will not know later on that your almost empty glass was never filled. On the other hand if he does notice, he could not feel that much wine was wasted.
      9. On Eye Makeup:  Heavily made up eyes belong only on the stage or in the chorus line.
      10. On the Similarities Between Being Witty and Opium Addiction:

“In great danger of making enemies is the man or woman of brilliant wit. Sharp wit tends to produce a feeling of mistrust even while it stimulates. Furthermore, the applause that follows every witty sally becomes in time breath to the nostrils, and perfectly well-intentioned people who mean to say nothing unkind in the flash of a second ‘see a point’ and in the next second score it with no more power to resist than a drug addict has to refuse a dose put into his hand.”

I paraphrased some of her 10 Tips in an effort to streamline the post.

This image shows a red wine glass.
The Polite Glass of Wine

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