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I wouldn't - Would you?

I wouldn’t – Would you?

I mean really where would our society be without a set of rules and a protocol of niceties?  But not wearing white after Labor Day?  Who said so and why?  My friend Gail posted a link (from the web site Mental Floss) on Facebook that answers that question and so I’m going to post the link in this blog. 

But first I’m going on record as YES I was and am one of those people who adhere to that ancient admonition about not wearing white after Labor Day.  I didn’t know I was following in the footsteps of some former elitist class but then again as a child of the 50’s that was how I was taught and so I passed it on to my daughter born in the late 70’s.  I know she followed that rule for some years after she left home but now it’s doubtful especially since she is living in Florida!

No White Shoes

No White Shoes

My husband on the other hand strictly adheres to the no spectator shoes before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.  It may be an antiquated way of thinking and behaving but when surrounded by a couple of generations that seem to have a no holds barred and anything goes attitude, it feels good to cling a few of the old rules.  Decorum has its place in society. Or would you rather walk down the street and pass young men with their pants hanging below their rear ends or girls wearing colorful bras and an open shirt or short shorts so short one wonders why not just wear the thong that the whole world can see anyway?  Or watch an awards show and see the entertainers half or more naked on the stage (because really what is that all about?).  Yes I must be getting on in years, showing my age (and my sensibilities).  But it isn’t fun to be on a bus or train trapped by loud-speaking-totally-unconcious-of-the-world-around-them youths who carry on phone and personal conversation at a decibel level practically illegal!

They're Everywhere!

They’re Everywhere!

So YES I will stop wearing white after Labor Day, No I will not wear gloves or a hat when I go out shopping, YES I try to wear age-appropriate clothing, NO I will not carry on a cell phone conversation on the bus, in an elevator or during dinner in a restaurant.  YES I always allow people older than myself out of the elevator or through a doorway before me and NO I don’t wear suede UGGS in the spring and summer with a Sundress!



Well now that I’ve had my rant, here’s the link to the article:  http://mentalfloss.com/article/12424/why-can%E2%80%99t-you-wear-white-after-labor-day

Some Things Are OK!

Some Things Are OK!


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I’m not thrilled with change in some areas while others like experimenting with new recipes and foods excites me.  BUT I’m not real happy about the change I have observed in the life and travels of the American Robin.  Known to me growing up as Robin Redbreast, I, like thousands of other New Englanders anxiously and eagerly awaited the first sighting of a Robin in the waning months of Winter and those of an early Spring. In fact, as I’ve written in this blog previously, spotting a Robin was certainly the sign that Spring was here!

Sometimes you might spot one standing between small patches of leftover snow in the yard while it pecked into the semi-frozen ground.  It’s really hared to describe the euphoric feeling one felt when seeing that large bird with the plump reddish breast in your yard or along the side of the road.  Some winters in New England could be very long and very gray.

“All my life’s a circle” sang Harry Chapin and of course, he wasn’t wrong.  All of life is part circle and part cycle.  When you live in area where the seasons are clearly defined, the impending signs of those seasons take on a special meaning. Like noticing all of sudden that the sun is lower in the sky and some of your neighbors have put corn stalks and gourds around their lamp posts – Fall is here and Halloween on its way.  And all the fruit and vegetable stands and grocery stores have large displays of gourds and the local supermarket ads are advertising the price per pound of turkey.  You come to rely upon those signs, you are used to them, they are part of the cycles of your year, your life.

Of course if you live in an urban area as I do now, there are also signs of the season to come. Department stores and shops display fall clothing before Labor Day, Christmas ornaments the day after Halloween and winter clothing by Columbus Day and Spring clothes while the temperature is still below freezing.  The problem with these harbingers  is that they are always so early, you begin to wonder if you’re living on a different planet than the stores that are displaying them.  It’s unnatural and a product of man-made capitalism.

That’s why I am unsettled by the appearance of  Robins in January and February.  I believe their presence is more a result of man rather than nature.  I know from articles I’ve read, that people have stated they see Robins all year long;  I just never have until the last couple of years. Is it climate change? Or is it because I now live in a Mid-Atlantic state and it’s warmer all year long than in New England?  The climate clearly has changed since I was a kid growing up in Connecticut;  Winters were full of snow and days of sledding and snow ball fights. Spring arrived with warm, not hot weather and windy days afforded lots of kite flying.  Summer was sultry but not so humid that you never wanted to leave an air-conditioned house and by the way, who had an air-conditioned house in the 50’s?

Robins are beautiful birds so I guess I should’t complain or question why they are here now.  Murray has taken quite a few photos of these lovely feathered creatures and I want to share them with you.

Robin on Winter Branches

Robin on Winter Branches

Robin Red Breast

Robin Red Breast

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It’s a sunny Sunday in October, one of those peculiar days in that time of the year when it’s warmer outside than it is in the house.  I feel like I have to open the windows to let some warm air in.  The angle of the sun is just so warming, I wish I was sitting in the back yard instead of the cold living room.  Peter is replacing some of the screens in the doors with storm glass and that for sure is a sign summer is over!

1. The Morning Glories are getting really scraggly and dying, and pots of purple, rusty red, orange and yellow mums are omnipresent on porches all over town.

2. We made our seasonal pilgrimage to Delicious Orchards, loading up on apples and cider donuts.  If this were summer, we’d be at Matt’s buying corn and tomatoes.

3. Hard as it might be to believe, I have packed away my flip-flops and even my Tevas, not sure how my feet are going to react to real shoes.

4.  Somewhere between Labor Day and Columbus Day, the urge to take the crock pot out overcomes me and I begin to think about Hearty Beef Minestrone, Chilli, and One Pot Chicken.  Slow cooked meals are a hallmark of Autumn.

5. The air conditioner units are out of the windows and put into storage, the door-draft snakes are out of storage and the lawn furniture is cleaned and ready to store for the winter.

Mum's the Word!

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List of crossings of the Connecticut River

Scenic Route 9

Although it hardly seemed like Monday, apparently it was and still is…. sure seemed like Sunday to me until we tried to have breakfast at Sunset Landing and it was closed as it always is on MONDAY!

Regardless of the holiday, Monday still is a six letter word signaling the one day a week that Six Word Memoirs are welcomed, posted and published. And this week we have some great contributions! We were working on a couple of themes; Fall, Labor Day and in snuck Hurricane Irene.   THANK YOU ALL!! Here they are:

Lots of water fell, drowning VermontLauren

Sunshine, cooler days and nights, FALLSusan Celtic Lady


God‘s gift to us working schmucks – Spinny Liberal

First holiday flyer received today – Susan Celtic Lady
Well now we are all about kids going back to school and college.  I think September is second only to January when it comes to making resolutions.  It’s the beginning of Autumn, a prelude to the holiday season beginning with the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.  In other words, September is full of promise of things to come and I hope I’ve given you some food for thought for next week’s Six Word Memoir.





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Welllllllll, I’ll tell ya!  People get up and leave!  That is exactly what happened last night at the Doo Wop Extravaganza, the annual Labor Day concert at The Great Auditorium.  

The first surprise of the evening was Kenny Vance and the Planotones;  Kenny with his extraordinary voice and devoted Auditorium fans has for the past several years been the closing act of the concert.  He brings the house down as his voice goes up and up and up!  Why was he the opening act?  Several people around me murmured the same thought; did he have another show to go to?  We don’t know the answer to that question.  What we do know is that he was NOT the headliner of this particular Doo Wop show.  And why not? BECAUSE this year’s star was Martha Reeves, formerly of Martha & The Vandellas.

I’ve never seen Martha perform before so I don’t have a standard by which to measure her performance.  What I saw was truly disgraceful.  She wasn’t on stage more than 15 minutes when people began to get up and leave.  She was erratic, her enunciation and projection left so much to be desired that it was impossible to understand the words to any song she was feebly attempting to sing!  I’m not going to speculate on what was wrong with her last night that caused her to forget words to songs, stop in the middle and chastise the band because they weren’t on count or worse yet, to ask the audience to clap on command by the number.   I swear there wasn’t one person in the audience who knew when to clap. Add that to the fact that she consistently referred to her venue as being in Ocean View!  It was just too much.  We left right after the clapping fiasco.  I have never left a concert in Ocean Grove before.  They haven’t all been great but never so bad that I wanted to just get out of there.

Not going to end this commentary on a sour note, NOT when I can extoll the virtues of Kenny Vance’s performance.   He was fabulous as always,  we are never disappointed with the Planotones and 3 standing ovations to prove it.  How does he hold those falsetto notes so long?  He is gifted with a clear and strong voice and over the years has perfected his falsetto voice and incorporated it into many more of their songs.

One of the great treasures of Ocean Grove and the United States is our Great Auditorium and as a venue for great performers, it stands alone.  Every singer this year has mentioned the magnificence of the Great Auditorium, its marvelous acoustics enhance every performance;  I look forward to next year’s roster of entertainers, knowing of course that Kenny Vance and The Planotones will be back to trill and thrill us.

Kenny Vance

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Basket of petunias

Petunias in full bloom

                            THURSDAY’S TOP TEN

Summer is waning just like the new moon!  Oh and you can tell; there are signs everywhere! How depressing! I sometimes think I want to live in “An Endless Summer”.

Labor Day weekend is here, the traditional end of the summer vacation and just like robins are the harbingers of Spring, there are many signs summer is ending!

  1. My petunias are getting really straggly and have much fewer blooms.
  2. The newspaper inserts are full of BACK TO SCHOOL  sales.
  3. I needed a shawl the other night when walking on the boardwalk.
  4. The air conditioners haven’t been on for the last two weeks.
  5. All the stores have Halloween costumes and candy on display.
  6. The older teenagers in town have disappeared – gone off to college.
  7. The hydrangeas have faded and the lariope grass is in full bloom with its purple flowers.
  8. The Swimsuit Station is having a 50% markdown sale.
  9. Neighbors have started putting mums on their porches.
  10. Home Depot has snow blowers and leaf blowers out in front.

So what have you noticed that tells you one season is ending and another is beginning.  Would love to post them next year.


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Six-Word Memoir at 92YTribeca, 7/25/11

Image by 92YTribeca via Flickr

Every week I seem to have an excuse as to why I never got around to writing Monday’s blog, so hmmm what’s mine this week? Other than exhausted from staying up most of the weekend on Irene watch which threw the household and me into a tizzy not to mention total disorder, I don’t have one.

However, clearly interest in this mental exercise has waned.  I’m lucky if I get one contribution a week these days!  However, having said that, I am very pleased by the one I did receive  because I know it comes from someone who can and does write articulately and am hoping to receive some more from that reader.

Last week I asked for work-related Six Word Memoirs.

I’m off the couch, life blooms – Rachel


I only work for the money – me

And as weekly inspiration here are some Six Word Memoirs from Writers Famous & Obscure by the eponymous book:

Xenophile escapist tumbleweed globetrots, finds self. – Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

The shit invariably hits the fan – Ashleva Nielsen

Blogging is easy. Writing is hard. – Jennifer Shreve

Quit Uni, have baby, now bored – Sumantha Ng

I fell in love with Charlie – Kristine Allouchery

And he nerded as never before. – Jon Thysell

Well my least favorite weekend of the year is upon us.  Labor Day weekend never held any joy for me as it signals the end of summer.  I’m sure there are Mommies everywhere thankful that soon the daily structure of a school day will bring some order back into their households.  But for me, I just hate to think that the carefree, sun-filled days of July and August are coming to an end.  Honestly you’d think I was going back to school or at least to a 9-5 office job and neither of those are true, so I guess these are residual feelings left over from childhood.

Next Monday is the holiday and if you’re all not hot dogging or beaching it up, please send me your thoughts in six words, no more, no less.

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