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This week’s topic, Writer’s Block, couldn’t be more timely for me personally.  For the past several months I’ve been struggling with my blog.  I do like to write and I have a fairly good regimen (okay sometimes not so regular) and perhaps if I apply the principles outlined in Dr. Barry Lubetkin‘s mental health tip this week, I’ll find that it isn’t so important as to how many people read this every day and remember that I write because I like to and a little discipline  would be a good thing!

“We are all writers……students……bloggers……executives…….moms………novelists….. We can usually write the simple stuff without procrastinating or being perfectionistic;  Birthday cards, shopping lists,brief memos,etc etc, all get done with relative ease. BUT when it comes to the words that convey the really important stuff about ourselves and our theories and ideas, we often get stuck.

#ds139 "Writer's Block"

#ds139 “Writer’s Block” (Photo credit: Sharon Drummond)

I have treated dozens of writers who struggle every day to overcome their writing paralysis. Usually, but not always, the culprit is obsessive perfectionism. “Will anyone really like this”, “I am out of ideas”, “This seems really dumb”, “I will get to it tomorrow”, “I have to make this perfect”.

Here is a quick solution to this form of writers block;  First, set a sacred unchangeable time EVERY DAY to write.  An hour, twenty minutes, it doesn’t matter. Go to a comfortable private place, set a timer, and start writing. Even if all you produce is gibberish and nonsense words, you must still WRITE! Do nothing else during this period. Once you have established a regular routine of writing at the same time every day, then you may extend the writing period as needed. At the end of your sacred writing time, reward yourself with something meaningful…a special treat…call a friend…tune on a mindless TV show…write yourself a complimentary note. You deserve it!”

As always feel free to email me at IBT104@AOL.com

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English: An orange candle burning in a dark en...

An orange candle burning in a dark environment with a bright flame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw the usual signs; She was pale, haggard-looking and yet still animated. I tried to get her to listen knowing full well she wouldn’t. Yesterday she was so anxious to go out. Not home even an hour and she was jonesing to leave. Meeting her friends at the mall and then out to a movie. The night before she went to a party and even though she made it home by her midnight curfew, she was still up for hours on the phone. It’s no wonder she was feeling sick.  She was always burning the candle at both ends.

  BURN is the word in this week’s 100 Word Challenge through Velvet Verbosity.  You can read more at http://www.velvetverbosity.com/

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Cocktail Glass (Martini): The traditional cock...

Last Night’s Martini Glass

Walking into the living room, she was assaulted with the visual cacophony of his clothes, his mail, his magazines, his shoes, jacket and tie and last night’s martini glass!  How many times had she asked him to put his stuff away? A hundred, a thousand? Nagging and yelling didn’t work.  Threatening to toss the stuff out fell on deaf ears. 

She began to pick up various articles of clothing, grimacing at this relentless never-ending chore.  If only he would just clean up after himself, if only I didn’t give a shit the way he obviously doesn’t! Ridiculous! It’s enough already!

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Busted in rust

Dear Diary:

Oh God, I’m going to be sick.  I’m sure I’m gonna throw up!

I hate that school; I hate my parents for making us move.  They don’t care about me.   Making me go to that snotty school.  I don’t fit in.  I’m not pretty.

Oh God, I can’t go back, they can’t make me!  I can’t bear to see that boy again. I’ll run away!

What if his locker is near mine? I’ll die.  He was right, I AM ugly.  And they all laughed and snickered when I walked by and he said “Hey YOU- You’re SO BUSTED”.

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Six-Word Memoir at 92YTribeca, 7/25/11

Image by 92YTribeca via Flickr

Every week I seem to have an excuse as to why I never got around to writing Monday’s blog, so hmmm what’s mine this week? Other than exhausted from staying up most of the weekend on Irene watch which threw the household and me into a tizzy not to mention total disorder, I don’t have one.

However, clearly interest in this mental exercise has waned.  I’m lucky if I get one contribution a week these days!  However, having said that, I am very pleased by the one I did receive  because I know it comes from someone who can and does write articulately and am hoping to receive some more from that reader.

Last week I asked for work-related Six Word Memoirs.

I’m off the couch, life blooms – Rachel


I only work for the money – me

And as weekly inspiration here are some Six Word Memoirs from Writers Famous & Obscure by the eponymous book:

Xenophile escapist tumbleweed globetrots, finds self. – Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli

The shit invariably hits the fan – Ashleva Nielsen

Blogging is easy. Writing is hard. – Jennifer Shreve

Quit Uni, have baby, now bored – Sumantha Ng

I fell in love with Charlie – Kristine Allouchery

And he nerded as never before. – Jon Thysell

Well my least favorite weekend of the year is upon us.  Labor Day weekend never held any joy for me as it signals the end of summer.  I’m sure there are Mommies everywhere thankful that soon the daily structure of a school day will bring some order back into their households.  But for me, I just hate to think that the carefree, sun-filled days of July and August are coming to an end.  Honestly you’d think I was going back to school or at least to a 9-5 office job and neither of those are true, so I guess these are residual feelings left over from childhood.

Next Monday is the holiday and if you’re all not hot dogging or beaching it up, please send me your thoughts in six words, no more, no less.

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Illustration depicting thought.

Image via Wikipedia

Thank you (you know who you are) for bailing me out after my whining last week!  Great response to my weekly request for contributions to the Six Word Project every Monday.  They are as always terrific to read and speculate what your thought process was to produce it.

Planning another royal wedding! Oh my!! – Heather

Holiday festivities get earlier and earlier – Gail

Any pictures of the new baby? Susan Celtic Lady

Really missing the sound of laughter – Weez

Economics rule-Emily decided on Florida – Heide

Talking to myself more these days – Me

And a few from the book, Not Quite What I Was Planning-Six Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure.

I asked. They answered. I wrote. – Sebastion Junger

Extremely responsible, secretly longed for spontaneity – Sabra Jennings

Joined army. Came out. Got booted. – Johan Baumeister

Almost a victim of my family – Chuck Sangster

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A harvest moon

Image via Wikipedia

It must be Monday when we start to think in abbreviated and concise sentences.  I have two guest contributors this week and am happy to have them!!

Pressing leaves between waxed paper sheets – Rosemarie

Live each day as a gift. – Gail

Harvest Moon, lunatic’s delight all night –Me

I swear this gets easier each week.  I must channeling my Ernest Hemmingway.  So glad I came across the AARP article and that referenced Smith Magazine where the Six Word Project began.

Additionally for those out there who are honing their writing skills, I have come across another site of interest.  Go to http://www.velvetverbosity.com/now this is the big time because you have to write One Hundred word stories/essays. Check it out!!!

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