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English: A Diagram of procrastination cycle. T...

English: A Diagram of procrastination cycle. Task features, internal factors, irrational beliefs, behavior and consequences are shown. used for a university assessment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week, Dr. Barry Lubetkin taps into our discomfort zone and offers us sound advice on how to stay motivated.

Discomfort Dodging and the Comfort Junkies

To one degree or another we are all discomfort dodgers. We believe in the mañana principal;  If it’s a hassle or uncomfortable to get to, then just put it off until tomorrow!  Stay within your comfort zone…don’t venture into activities that might cause anxiety or hard mental or physical stress!

Of course the problem with this mental attitude is that by regularly avoiding the day to day hassles of life (eg. studying, housework, cold calling, writing a paper, visiting a doctor,  asking for a raise, etc., etc.) we allow things to go unaccomplished, anxiety and stress increase, self esteem suffers, and the forward progress that we all want to achieve in our lives stalls.

When we dodge discomfort what exactly are we telling ourselves? “I don’t have the mental energy to do the task”, “I’ll be too embarrassed,” It’s too difficult,” If I’m successful they will expect more,”  etc., etc. blah, blah, blah!

Once you have determined the exact cause of your unhelpful whining…CHALLENGE IT!  Discover that you really have little evidence to support your idea that you can’t possibly do the task. Remind yourself that you have done it many times before. Will there really be no mental cost if you remain on your couch and do nothing?  Of course there will be!

Every day choose one task you have been dodging, and push yourself to accomplish it. Ask a friend to support your decision. Spend much more time in the zone of discomfort and abandon the zone of complacency. Here’s a task: email me, at ibt104 @aol.com and tell me what you think.

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